Game Time

Unless “outright” has been laid,  all bets are settled on 90 minutes play, including any injury time but excluding extra time, golden goal or penalty shoot-outs.


Postponed/Abandoned Events

Any match which is abandoned before the end of 90 minutes play, all bets will be void unless the relevant market result has already happened; for example “first goal scorer” and “time of the first goal”, which will stand if a goal has been scored.


Panel  Results

Under no circumstances will the judgement of any panel be accepted for results purposes.


Correct Scores – First/last Scorer – Half-Time/Full-time Forecasts.

Odds are available on all matches for which we quote home, draw and away odds.


First/Last Scorer

Bets taken on ‘first goal scorer’ will be void if the player does not take part or comes on after the first goal has been scored.  All players that take part in the match will be considered for ‘last player to score’ purposes.  In the event of a dispute over the award of a goal for the first/last scorer, settlement will be based on the goal scorer given be The Press Association.  For ‘first/last scorer’ betting, own goals do not count.


Half Time/Full Time Betting

Bets predicting the Double Result must indicate the result at both Half-Time and Full-Time.



UK Horse Racing

Official Results

Results are official after the ‘weigh-in’.


Ante-post Betting

Ante-post betting on a horse race is when a fixed odds market exists prior to the day of a race.  Horses that are backed in the ante-post market will be deemed to be losers if they become non-runners.


Rule 4

Rule 4 will be applied if a horse is withdrawn not under starter’s order, or is official deemed by the Starter not to have taken part.  It is only applied on the day of the event, stakes on that horse will be refunded and winning bets may be liable to deductions in accordance with Tattersalls Rule 4.  The scale of deductions is as follows:


3/10 or lower                 0.75

2/5  to 1/3                      0.75

8/15 to 4/9                     0.65

8/13 to 4/7                     0.60

4/5 to 4/6                       0.55

20/21 to 5/6                   0.50

1/1 to 6/5                       0.45

5/4 to 6/4                       0.40

13/8 to 7/4                     0.35

15/8 to 9/4                     0.30

5/2 to 3/1                       0.25

10/3 to 4/1                     0.20

9/2 to 11/2                     0.15

6/1 to 9/1                       0.10

10/1 to 14/1                   0.05

15/1 and higher             No deductions made


where two or more withdrawals are made the total deduction will not exceed 75p in the pound (75%).


If a new market is formed after a horse is withdrawn, bets struck at S.P. (‘starting price’) will be settled on the basis of the new market and no deduction will be applicable.

Each-Way Betting

Each-way returns are as follows:- no each way available on races with 4 or less runners.


¼ of the odds on the first two places for races with 5 to 7 runners.

1/5 of the odds on the first three places for non-handicap races of 8 or more runners.

1/5 of the odds on the first three places for handicap races with 8 to 11 runners.

¼ of the odds on the first three places for handicap races with 12 to 15 runners.

¼ of the odds on the first four places for handicap races with 16 or more runners.


Bets on horse racing are governed by “Tattersalls Rules of Betting”; these will be referred to should any eventuality occur not covered by our stated rules.


Fixed Odds, Starting Price Betting

The Fixed Odds betting relates to early prices on an event.  For sports betting this is generally available up to the start of the event.  For horse racing this is generally available (if applicable) up until 15 minutes before the race.  SP is the official Starting Price returned from the racecourse.  SP allows customers to bet on their selections throughout the day.  Customers may want to do this when there are no early odds on the race in question or if they believe SP will return greater odds than either the early odds.




In tournaments affected by adverse weather, bets will be settled on the official result regardless of the number of rounds played, unless there is no further play after a bet has been struck in which case it will be void.


Player and Game

A player is deemed to have played once they have teed off.  In the event of a player withdrawing after having teed off, stakes will be lost on outright or group betting.


Outright Betting

Play-offs will determine the tournament winner.  Each way bets, dead-heat rules will apply.


Non starters – no bet, stakes are returned.


Group Betting/Top Player Etc

The winner will be the player achieving the highest placing at the end of the tournament.  Any player missing the cut will be considered a loser.  If all players miss the cut, the lowest score after the cut has been made will determine settlement.  Withdrawn players deductions in line with Tattersalls’ Rule 4 will apply.  Dead heat rules apply except when the winner is determined by a playoff.



18 hole/72 Hole Betting

The winner will be the player with the lowest score over 18/72 holes.  All players must complete 18/72 holes otherwise all bets on the 2 or 3 ball will be void.  In 2 balls betting a price will be offered for the tie and in the event of the tie, bet on either player to win will be lost.  Dead heat rules will apply to 3 balls betting.


Game Start

When the bell (buzzer, etc) is sounded signifying the start of the opening round.


Round to Round Betting

If a boxer fails to answer the bell, the fight will be deemed to have ended in the previous round.  Bets which nominated ‘to win on points’ will only be deemed winners if the full number of rounds are completed.  If the number of rounds has been changed, all round to round bets will be void.



If a price is offered for the draw then, in the event of a draw, all wagers on either boxer to win will be losers.




Official Game Start

If the event is shortened by the weather bets will then be determined by the official Competition rules.


Outright Betting

In the event of a tie, the dead heat rule will apply.


Top Batsman/Bowler

Bets on players who are selected but do not play will be lost.  In the event of a tie, Dead Heat rules apply.


In the event of a situation occurring not covered by the above rules, the official result will determine settlement.


Motor Racing

Official Winner

The winner for betting purposes will be the official podium winner, as declared by the sports’ governing body, at the conclusion of the race.


Bets are accepted ‘All in compete or not’.  Should the winner subsequently be disqualified the original result stands.


Outright Betting

All in compete or not.  Bets will be determined by the number of points accumulated immediately following the final Grand Prix of the season and will not be affected by any subsequent enquiries.



Official Results

The results are intended by the results acquired on the playing field.  If any match is abandoned or postponed all bets will be void, except bets on the first try scorer if a try has been scored.




Sets Betting

For sets betting, if the match is not started, number of sets change, or is incomplete due to either players incapacity or disqualification, stakes are refunded.


Match Betting

In the event of a match/game starting but not being completed through illness or injury, the player going through the next round will be deemed the winner.


Outright Betting

Bets are accepted ‘All in compete or not’.


American Football

Game Time

All NFL & NCAAF games must go at least 55 minutes of play to have action.


Overtime counts.


Game Tie

In the event of a game ending in a tie for straight up wagers, or a tie resulting on any bet placed on a moving line or point spread, then the bet is a push and the stake is returned into your account.




Game Time

All NBA games must go at least 43 minutes of play to have action.  All NCAAB games must go at least 35 minutes of play to have action.  All overtime score counts.


Game Tie

In the event of a game ending in a tie for straight up wagers, or a tie resulting on any bet placed on a moving line or point spread, the bet is void and the stake is returned.