Hi, I'm Bob The Rookie - the original bonus kid. (Never mind that Paddy fella - or that Fred)
and, as you might know, I used to look after the office on Tuesdays when Rob was out cruising.
  ( He's got an air-cooled  V.W. would you believe ?) Goes everywhere saying stuff like
 "Groovy man" and "Spice is nice" - whatever that means.

 (I've been asked to explain that when I say  "cruising"  it's not the sort some of you thought!!  
And the same goes for the  "dogging"  Rob used to do - four nights a week.)

Any way - while Rob was enjoying himself I sorted out some bonuses for our loyal "dialabettors".   

Rob's a wizard with numbers and percents and all
 that stuff you don't need to know now days - but he can be a bit..... how shall I put it ?  Careful with the old float - if you know what I mean.

So.  Here we go with what was the most popular :- 
If you had a single on any Tuesday and your horse fell, 
I'd count it as a non-runner and give you your cash back!!

That's right. If you had a win or each-way single and your horse fell, sliped up, 
unseated or was brought down - I'd refund your stake.
(Maximum stake - £100 win or £50 each-way) 

Follow the links to see some of Rob's other great offers and you'll soon realize what 
the "Independent Experience" was all about.

best odds guaranteed on all uk and irish racing
cash back on your debit card and deposit account
get paid on disqualified horses
five places in large handicap races